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Nova Jet

nova jet image enA new line of acrylic coated fabrics specially produced for terrace awnings. Nova Jet has been designed as a lightweight but durable awning fabric with excellent outdoor performance. It consists of a tightly woven polyester base fabric and a durable acrylic coating. Nova Jet is extremely waterproof with a smooth, dirt-repellent coating that makes it an ideal choice for large outdoor applications where water and weather resistance is a priority. Nova Jet has a universal use from large terrace awning to canopies and kiosks.

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Nova Plus

nova plus image enA heavy weight option for acrylic coated awning fabrics where a highly durable, exceptionally strong and water proof fabric is required. Nova Plus has a unique finishing that offers soil and dirt-repellence and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and makes it a preferred choice for permanent outdoor applications and terraces.

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Aero Block

aeroblock image enThis is our new dim out version of lightweight awning fabric. Aero Block is a true novelty in its class. It is a highly opaque fabric that retains the look and feel of a regular awning fabric with an attractive appearance. Aero Block consists of a waterborne coating with a soft touch feel that offers superior water proof properties and blocks external heat. The result is a much cooler atmosphere under the fabric with almost no light passing through.

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novacryl image enOur classic solution-dyed acrylic fabric with tried and tested performance and excellent UV resistance. Novacryl has a distinct fabric feel and a tightly woven structure that makes it a superb solution for the residential market. It has unrivalled color fade resistance and excellent weather resistance, all highly valuable for prolonged outdoor use.

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